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Frequently Asked Questions


1. What will happen if I do not post the bond?

In general if you do not post a bond, the defendant will remain in jail for as long as his / her case goes on. So, if it takes 6 months or a year before the case is finally over, the defendant may remain in jail for that length of time.

2. What if I do not have all of the money I need to post the bond?

If you do not have all of the money you need to post the bond you have several options:

  • A) We have arrangements with several companies that may be willing to loan you the money you need to post the bond. There are NO credit checks and very few verifications. You will have an answer in 10 minutes or less. If you call us we can tell you more about this.
  • B) You can begin making payments to us, and you will be credited for those payments. When you have made payments that total the amount we need to post the bond, we will post the bond for you. This is similar to a “layaway” plan.
  • C) You can “split” your payment between cash and/or several credit cards
  • D) If you can “put down” the minimum amount of money necessary, we will finance the remaining balance INTEREST FREE!

3. What if I think the defendant is NOT guilty of the charges?

At this point, at least as far as the bond goes, it does not matter if the defendant is guilty or not. That will be determined by the court at the appropriate point in time. At this time a judge or the prosecuting attorneys office has determined there is enough evidence to pursue charges against the defendant, and the judge has set the bond as indicated.

4. How does a professional bond work?

A professional bond, is often referred to as a “secured” bond. This type of bond is posted by a bondsman for the defendant, in exchange for a fee, usually 10%. So if a person has a bond set at $20,000.00, you would typically pay a bondsman $2,000.00 (10% of $20,000.00). The fee paid to the bondsman is “non refundable.”

5. Do I have to use a professional Bondsman?

While I would love to tell you yes, the truth is it depends on how the court or the judge “sets” the bond. In some cases you will NOT be allowed to use a professional bond. In other cases your ONLY choice might be TO use a professional bond. It just depends on how the bond is set. It is also possible in some circumstances to have the bond changed from one type to another.

6. Can I post the bond on my own?

Again, it depends on how the bond is “set” by the court. You must also keep in mind that even if the court gives you the opportunity to post the bond yourself, in many cases you must QUALIFY to post the bond. If you don’t qualify, you CAN NOT post the bond on your own.

7. What does it mean to have a “cash only” bond?

A “cash only” bond means exactly what it says. You must take the total amount of the bond to the court in CASH. So if someone has a $10,000 cash only bond, you must take $10,000 cash to the court. You cannot use a professional bond. However, often times it is possible to get the bond “modified” so you can use a professional bond, because posting a large amount of cash is often times impossible.

8. Do I need a lawyer?

At some point you are probably going to need or want a lawyer, whether it is a private attorney or public defender. You DO NOT need a lawyer in most cases in order for us to post the bond. When you use our service to post a bond, this includes a FREE consultation with a top St. Louis criminal attorney. If you are going to hire an attorney, generally the court will allow some time to do so. Also make sure you pay close attention to #9 below.

9. Can I get the bond amount reduced or modified?

In order for this to happen, generally an attorney will need to make a motion to the court. At that time the judge will decide if the bond should be changed. While this could be successful in some cases, remember, if it is not successful, you will have “shelled out” a bunch of money to the lawyer, and your family member or friend will still be sitting in jail. Unless you have more money to spend, do not plan on the defendant coming home anytime soon. You MUST also pay close attention to how the lawyer is requesting the bond to be “set” during the court hearing. Often times the lawyer, when getting the bond reduced, will request it to be set at “10%.” If you have the full 10% of the bond to post (for example a $10,000 bond, would mean that you have to post $1,000.00) that would be ok for you. BUT, if you only have $600.00, having the bond set at 10% will NOT do you any good. If you know that you cannot come up with a full 10% of the bond, request that your lawyer have the bond set at “secured.” When it is set at “secured” this means that you can use a professional bond, and often times when that is the case you will only need 5%, and not the full 10%. If your lawyer is not willing to do this you might want to “reconsider” your choice of lawyers as they may only have their best interest in mind and not yours!

10. Why does everybody I talk to tell me to do something different?

Most likely you are getting opinions on what to do from your friends or family members. The problem with this is that while you probably trust and love these people, they are not professionals in the area you need help in. Often times they are telling you to do things based upon what may have happened to them or a friend in a similar circumstance. Remember, each circumstance is different. So, getting a bunch of different opinions from people who are not professionals can end up hurting you a lot in the long run.

11. What do I do now if I want you to post a bond or I have more questions?

You can always call us at (314) 720-1693 24 hours a day and we will be happy to talk with you. You can also email us at [email protected].