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What You Need To Know Before You Hire a St. Louis County Bail Bondsman

If you or someone that you care about have been arrested and put in jail anywhere in St. Louis County, then the top priority needs to be getting that person released immediately. For that, you need the services of the best St. Louis County bail bonds company you can find. Being stuck behind bars is more than an embarrassing inconvenience – it can have lasting repercussions on every aspect of your life. Your job, your income, your bills, your obligations, your family… all of these require your presence. You can’t do what you need to do if you don’t have your freedom.
Building where bail bonds in St. Louis County are signed

A Definite Need Exists in St. Louis County. There are 90 separate municipalities within St. Louis County, and even more in the adjacent counties. The vast majority have their own police departments, mayors, city managers, and town councils. There are 81 different municipal courts. Putting that number in perspective, Jackson County is larger than St. Louis County and has a population that is only about a third less. But Jackson County has less than one-fourth of the courts and municipalities than St. Louis County – just 15 municipal courts and only 19 municipalities.

As anyone can tell you, the police department, prosecutors, and courts in St. Louis County are especially active and zealous in the performance of their duties. In local towns such as Pagedale, Calverton Park, Pine Lawn, Moline Acres, Edmundson, and especially Beverly Hills, the arrest rates are particularly high. According to an article in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, there are over 400,000 active arrest warrants in St. Louis County. This makes it quite likely that you or someone you know will need the services of an experienced and dependable bail bonds company that knows how to deal with the various law enforcement and judicial entities in St. Louis County.

Bail Bonds St. Louis County-  How do bail bonds in St. Louis County, MO work?

To fully understand how St. Louis County bail bonds work, you must first understand what bail is. When a person is arrested and charged with a crime, the judge can determine the conditions under which that person may be released and return home to await and prepare for trial. This release gives the arrested person (and their lawyer) time to work on a legal defense. In St. Louis County, the bonding office is located at the St. Louis County Justice Center building in Clayton. The office is open every day of the year, 24 hours a day. At the same time, the court needs to ensure that released the defendants show back up on the appointed date and time of their court hearing. To do this, the judge will impose a bond that must be posted before the arrested person is allowed to go free. If they fail to show up, the bond is revoked and the money is forfeited.

Typically, the judge will set bail based upon several factors, including the seriousness of the crime, the past criminal history of the defendant, and the financial circumstances of the defendant. The Eighth Amendment of the Constitution instructs that bail should not be “excessive”. This means that in St. Louis County, bail bonds cannot be used as a primary means of generating income for a local government. It also means that bail should not be so prohibitively expensive as to be unaffordable or punitive.
Person incarcerated in St Louis County that needs a bail bond
A St. Louis County bail bonds is not a fine – it is not meant as a form of punishment. It is nothing more than a financial incentive intended to compel future court appearances. At the time the release, the judge may also impose other “conditions of release”. Usually, the instructions are straightforward – the person being released must agree to follow all laws, for example. In specific cases, the judge may opt to order special instructions. For instance, a person who is accused of assault might be required to honor the terms of a protective order.

Bail Bonds St. Louis County-  How is bail determined?

In most municipalities in St. Louis County, bail bonds for most common crimes are already set as a standard in that location. This is known as a “bond schedule”, and in many St. Louis County detention centers/jails already have the amounts posted. In most cases, this allows a person who has been arrested to post bail without having to wait for a bond hearing in front of a judge. In the event that the bond schedule is not posted, the bonding officer contacts the on-duty judge, who then sets the amount. To satisfy an appearance bond, a property, cash, or professional bond from a bail bonds company will be necessary, unless the judge gives other instructions.

What are the various types of  bail bonds in St. Louis County?

• Cash bond – This bond can be satisfied with cash, money order, or cashier’s check, but not with a personal check or credit card. When a cash bond is posted, it must be for the full amount. The important thing to consider is the fact that when the case is closed, the money posted will be refunded to the person who was arrested, not to the person who posted the bond. Obviously, this creates the caveat that you should never post a cash bond unless you are absolutely positive that you will be able to recover your money from the person who was arrested.

• Property bond – This type of bond is when a person’s equity in real property – a home or land – is offered as a security for a bond in lieu of cash. In this case, the important thing to consider is the fact that people who have been arrested are prohibited by law from using their own property. Other requirements include the person posting the bond must be 21 years of age or older, must be a resident of Missouri,  must be reputable, must bring a document from the mortgage holder showing the outstanding balance of the loan. Properties that are paid off must show proof. You must show a receipt for the paid real estate tax for the prior year. The bond must be signed by all parties on the tax receipt. If any of the owners has died, a death certificate must be furnished.

• Recognizance bond – with approval by the court and by the staff of the intake service center, an individual that has been arrested may be released solely on his/her promise to appear at all subsequent court hearings.

• Professional bond – This bond is when the arrested person engages the services of a professional St. Louis County bail bondsman.

What do I need to know about St. Louis County bail bonds companies?
Symbols of law enforcement and bail bonds and St. Louis County Bail Bonds
In some ways, a St. Louis County bail bonds service is like a loan company. They will guarantee the entire amount of the bond, thereby satisfying the bail requirement set by the judge and allowing the defendant to get out of jail. Once their services are retained, the St. Louis County bail bonds company will facilitate the defendant and work with the jail officials to expedite the release process. For this service, the company charges a fee that is a portion of the bond amount, most typically, 10%. If there are any special circumstances, a St. Louis County bail bonds company will reserve the right to increase the percentage charged.

One of the most convenient, yet often overlooked services provided by a professional St. Louis County Bail Bondsman is convenience. Frequently, a person who has been arrested will have to call upon friends or family members who live far away – out-of-town or even out-of-state.
In this case, the person wanting to help is often at a loss as to what can be done from such a distance. A professional Bail Bondsman in St. Louis County can untangle the logistical logjam in cases like this and handle everything locally. As long as the defendant follows the instructions of the court, shows up for all scheduled court dates, and stays in regular contact with the St. Louis County bail bonds company, there are no extra or hidden fees.

Bail Bonds St. Louis County- Will I need a cosigner?

It is a standard practice among St. Louis County bail bonds companies to require a cosigner and/or some form of collateral in the event the bond is revoked. The most common reason for bond revocation is because the defendant failed to show up for his or her court date.
The cosigner should be someone who is personally known or closely associated with the person who’s been arrested – family members, employers, and friends usually work out very well. This is because those closest personally and professionally to the defendant often have the greatest vested interest in seeing a positive resolution to the situation. The ideal cosigner will have a good job with verifiable income and either own their home/property or at least have a significant amount of equity. Other accepted forms of collateral might include bank accounts, jewelry, stocks, bonds, or vehicles.  The best St. Louis County bail bonds companies will explain this to you in detail.

Besides guaranteeing the bond amount, cosigners have the extremely important responsibility to make sure that the person granted bail shows up for all scheduled court appearance. As a secondary responsibility, the cosigner acts as another means of contact between the defendant and the bail bond company. If, for some reason, the defendant fails to show up for a court date, it is in the extreme best interest of the cosigner to assist the St Louis County bail bonds company with locating the “bail-jumper” and helping to rectify the situation. If the situation is not corrected, the cosigner runs the risk of assuming the entire financial burden when the bond is revoked.

Bail Bonds St. Louis County-  How long does it take to get released?

The St. Louis County Justice Center has posted a sign that releases will take a minimum of two hours.

What information does a St. Louis County bail bond company need?

In order to help secure a person’s release in the most expeditious manner possible, the St. Louis County bail bonds company will need the following information:

• What is the name and location of the detention facility where the individual is being held?
• What is the full name of the person in jail?
• How much is the bail, as set by the judge?
• Once the person is out of jail, the bail bond company may require an in-person, face-to-face meeting at their office between the defendant out on bail and their bondsman. The purpose of this meeting is to go over all of the rules, responsibilities, obligations, and conditions that the released person must abide by while out on bail.
• The bail bond company will also want the names, addresses, and telephone numbers of several associates, friends, family members, employers, and coworkers that can possibly serve as additional contacts when lapses in communication occur.
Cartoon picture of an inmate that needs a bail bondsman in St. Louis County
How to Find the Best Bail Bonds St. Louis County

When you or a loved one have been arrested and placed in jail here in the Gateway City and need assistance, then you need the services of the best St. Louis County bail bonds company. The period of time right after an arrest can be trying and confusing, because you don’t know what is going to happen next, you don’t know what to do, and you don’t know where to turn to help you take the next step. In trying to secure your freedom or that of a loved one, it can be difficult to tell if you are dealing with a reputable St. Louis County bail bonds company that you can trust. You want to be reassured that the company you choose doesn’t undercut your efforts to look after your best interests, going forward.

Here is what you should be looking for in a top-notch St. Louis County bail bonds company:

AVAILABILITY – People don’t always get arrested during regular business hours or on a weekday. When you or a loved one need help, you will want to deal with a St. Louis County bail bonds company that is there for you every day of the year, every day of the week, and around-the-clock.
CONVENIENCE –The best St. Louis County bail bonds companies handle it all and try not to add to your stress:
• They work with the St. Louis County judicial system to get you the lowest bond possible.
• They guarantee the entire amount of the bond, so you don’t have to scramble around trying to come up with such a large amount.
• They work with the St. Louis County detention to get you/your loved one released as fast as possible.
• Once your loved one is released, the St. Louis County bail bonds company will help monitor him/her and check up on them periodically until the next court date.
• If the cosigner doesn’t live in the St. Louis County area, an experienced St. Louis County bail bondsman at a top-notch local St Louis County bail bond companys will be able to handle the logistics involved with out-of-town or out-of-state assistance.
ESTABLISHED & REPUTABLE – Although there are a huge number of St. Louis County bail bonds companies, there seems to be a dearth of organizations that are truly professional and outstanding in the field.
The best St Louis County bail bonds companies – and their bondsmen – should be properly licensed by the state of Missouri. The company should have a documented and positive history with the Better Business Bureau and be in good standing with the Professional Bail Agents of the United States organization.
EXCELLENT LOCAL STANDING –The best St. Louis County bail bonds companies in St. Louis County will be well-regarded by the local courts, and often be able to help you obtain a bail hearing in an expeditious manner. Likewise, they should be able to use their good professional relationship with local law enforcement and jails to streamline and speed up the release process, free from the unnecessary delays that can occur when working with less-than-stellar companies.
KNOWLEDGE – The best St. Louis County bail bonds company will have a deep understanding of how the area’s courts and jails work. Everyone on staff should be comfortable working closely with both law enforcement and the court. Most importantly, they should be able to clearly and patiently explain the process to you and answer any questions that you may have. The more you know, the less likely it is that you will take a misstep that could endanger your bond.
PROFESSIONALISM – No one at a local St. Louis County bail bonds company should have an opinion about your guilt or innocence. No one should pass judgment simply because you were arrested. None of that is their concern or their business, because they should only be concerned with seeing that you are freed from jail and that you show up to all of your court dates.

If you are looking for a Bail Bondsman, or even a lawyer in St. Louis County, a suburb such as Brentwood, Mo, or anywhere else in the United States, look no further than Bob Block Bail Bonds.